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We're glad you've visited our website dedicated to real estate in the regions of Abruzzo and Molise in Italy.

Forbes USA magazine ranked the town of Citta Sant'Angelo (Abruzzo) among the top ten, compiling a global ranking of ideal places to live and invest in: here, there are minimal expenses and the highest quality of life.

The British channel CNN named Molise the best kept tourist secret of Italy: clean and warm Adriatic Sea, lakes, forests, and the Apennine Mountains. The smallest, quietest, and most peaceful region, an ideal place for those seeking harmony with nature.

If you're here, it means:
You enjoy the real Italy – without tourist crowds, vibrant and hospitable. Abruzzo and Molise are Central Italy: developed infrastructure, clean sea, beautiful beaches, ski resorts, national parks with pristine nature, all just a couple of hours' drive from Rome;

You're looking for licensed Italian real estate agents with extensive experience who will save you time and prevent mistakes;

You want attentive agents who will select properties for you that meet your search criteria;

You don't want to be left without assistance after the purchase.
Please provide contact information for communication, your question, and we will definitely get back to you.
Yulia, thank you so much for the professional support you provided me. Honestly, I'm surprised myself at how I could trust such a serious matter as buying real estate to someone I've never met, who lives in another country, and to whom I have no access. I read your article about Italy on the website and for some reason immediately decided that you were the right person I needed. I never doubted or disappointed myself afterwards. Yulia, thank you for diligently fulfilling our contract: thank you for your meticulousness and careful attention to detail, for highlighting aspects that I would never have noticed, for perfectly handling the transaction on our behalf, as a result of which my husband and I became happy owners of our dream home. We hope to see you, Yulia, as our guest when it finally becomes possible!
My friend Olga bought an apartment in Italy a few years ago. To tell the truth, I struggled to choose between Spain and Italy, but the decisive factor was meeting Yulia Kozyreva, whom Olga recommended to me. I'm a cautious and careful person, to say the least, and for a long time, I just browsed through Yulia's website, studying everything. I looked at all the properties, even those that were clearly beyond my budget; it was just nice to imagine myself there, where bougainvilleas grow in pots, where there are mountains and sea, centuries-old houses, and just dream that everything will be fine.

And finally, I made the decision to buy. Within my budget, I found a truly magical three-level apartment in the city of Penne, not too big and not too small. Yulia was so attentive to me that she made an online video tour of the apartment. It was so nice, especially during the pandemic when everyone was sitting and watching TikTok, I was choosing an apartment. Yulia is a very attentive and sensitive real estate agent. It's pleasant and easy to work with her.

These are all emotions, but speaking professionally, Yulia Kozyreva handled the transaction remotely, meaning she handled all the paperwork, arranged with the notary, and much more. She took care of all the documentation, and there was not a single instance of delay or complication due to her fault; everything was handled promptly and efficiently. It all went so smoothly and painlessly that I felt like saying, "Could it have been done like this?!"

Now I am a happy owner of a beautiful apartment. By the way, the city of Penne is mentioned in Wikipedia and even has connections to Russian-Italian literary awards.,%2C82%20%D1%87%D0%B5%D0%BB.%2F%D0%BA%D0%BC%C2%B2.

Yulia, thank you so much!

P.S. Currently, Yulia is helping me rent out the apartment while I cannot leave the Dominican Republic. After all, real estate should work, and an empty house looks very lonely.)
Bella Italia!!! Huge thanks to Yulia! Dreams do come true. I reached out to Julia at the end of January 2019. I described the dream house in Italy. Having had multiple experiences with property purchases, I already subtracted 30% from what I wanted. Yulia, after reading the list of dreams, said, "I have what you want." When we came to see the house, the younger generation unanimously decided they wanted to stay here. And before that, the idea of ​​buying a house in Italy and living in it part of the year was received coolly. I, however, checked off all the points of my dream list. My husband, immediately after inspecting the house, said to the sellers, "I'm buying it." And now, all the questions about the deal were taken over by Yulia. Everything was done super professionally. There was no need to control the process. We were in safe hands.
But there's more to the story. We arrived in Italy a week ago. New questions arose, internet, repairs, arrangement of contracts for house maintenance. And again, who do you think? Of course, Yulia.

I'll tell you later how we settled in and share photos of our Dolce Vita.

Yulia, thank you so much!
A couple of months ago, I purchased real estate in Abruzzo. I entrusted the search and transaction to the agency. They found us a magnificent property - that alone is worth a lot. The transaction went without a hitch, miraculously completed just before flights were suspended due to the coronavirus. I want to thank you for your high professionalism in your work - the highest level of competence, promptness, punctuality, responsibility, assistance with related issues - such a combination is not often encountered nowadays. Thank you very much! I wish you continued success in your work. If necessary, I am ready to confirm the review personally.
For a long time, we had been planning to buy a house in Italy. Finally, we decided to start our search and found the website of this agency. With great interest and pleasure, we explored it, selected options that suited our requirements, and contacted the agency. The staff listened to us attentively and suggested visiting these options in person. After that, the agent, Yulia Kozyreva, thoroughly reviewed our options, and we agreed on the time for our visit. When we arrived on the appointed dates, we toured all the addresses of interest together with her. We looked at about a dozen houses and decided to buy one of them.

After we made this decision, Yulia negotiated with the seller, obtained a significant discount for us, checked all the documents for the house and land, helped us open a bank account, and conducted the transaction with the assistance of a notary.

Everything happened quickly (3 months from start to finish), clearly, understandably, and conveniently. In addition, Yulia helped us resolve many minor but necessary questions when buying real estate and provided us with a huge amount of advice on legal and everyday aspects of life in Italy. We are very satisfied with the agency, with how they helped us and did everything for us. Now we recommend them to all our friends and acquaintances.

Huge thanks, Yulia Kozyreva!
I wanted to thank Yulia for bringing our dream to life. We corresponded from Moscow, and our requirements were specified in advance: a pool, waterfront property, gated community, preferably new construction, and within our budget.

Upon arrival, meticulously planned viewings, dozens of properties visited... a week of tremendous effort, and we found it – our dream home. Everything as requested, plus pine trees... The team provided full support and assistance throughout the transaction, including coordinating with the notary, bank, and professional tax consultations.

I also want to highlight the opportunity for very professional renovation work (we needed minor cosmetic changes), furniture purchase and assembly, and utilities connection. Especially without knowledge of Italian, trying to handle all this independently would have been a complete disaster. Here, you can order all these services turnkey, with video and photo reports on the progress of the renovation. Therefore, we returned home after 10 days, and 3 months later, we arrived at our dream home, already renovated and furnished to our taste. Thank you so much! We couldn't have done it without you. I recommend 1000%.
I couldn't even imagine buying a house myself and using the services of a Russian-speaking agency. BUT, this team shattered my stereotypes: they provided maximum accurate information, paid attention to details, and honestly presented the pros and cons of each house. I was impressed by how the agency operates. A huge thank you to Yulia and Svetlana. Now I'm waiting for the original documents, very pleased with how smoothly everything went from choosing a house to completing the transaction. It took very little time overall. I received answers to all my questions throughout the process, which makes me even happier. And what's even better is that after buying the house, they don't abandon you; they are always ready to help. Thank you very much. I'm always happy to welcome you to my home in Abruzzo.
Anna and Sergei
A huge thank you to this Agency. We initially selected a couple of houses that we liked, then in March 2017, we came to see them. We were accompanied everywhere and fully informed about our options. We made our choice and set a date for the transaction. We completed the paperwork in the fall of 2017 without any difficulties. From the initial viewing to the actual visit, opening a bank account, and processing the house, assistance and attention were provided in everything. Whatever questions or uncertainties arose, they were always resolved, and the difficulties disappeared on their own! We managed to fit everything into two trips and even had a great time getting to know this beautiful country better! I highly recommend this attentive and responsible Agency to everyone!
My wife and I had a long-time dream of living in a warm country. SFR Realty has brought this dream to life. We found a lot of very attractive property offers at their website. The company offers an excellent service and suggested a great choice of houses to meet our requirements. We visited Italy twice for viewings.
I would especially like to mention the wonderful and very friendly SFR agents. Thanks to them we received answers to all our questions in the shortest time. Many thanks to Julia and Anna for all-round help and professionalism!
One of the great advantages of the company is that it offers a post-sale support, so we plan to turn to its services in the future. We already received support when we needed to sort out our utility papers, and later we plan to return to SFR for help arranging building works and renovation.
Now when we are the happy owners of a house in Italy, we wish SFR Realty a future prosperity! My wife and I are very pleased to know you and look forward to future cooperation!
Thank you for the informative articles on buying property in Italy. They were very helpful and assisted in understanding the property registration process.
Alexander and Irina
Often visiting different places in Italy, I always entertained the thought: it would be nice to have a house or apartment here. But I was always deterred by the difficulties and uncertainties associated with this process. Once again, on a winter day, while browsing real estate websites, I found affordable offers in the Abruzzo region, where I had never been before. I left an inquiry with questions on the SFR Realty website. Despite it being a weekend, they called me back, and I got all the information I needed. We scheduled a meeting in May. During this time, they selected properties that fit my budget and matched the descriptions I liked. The professionalism and friendliness of Yulia and Svetlana allowed us to finalize the process of selecting a property and conclude the transaction "without a hitch." We highly recommend this team of professionals to anyone who wants not only to purchase real estate in Italy but to do so quickly, reliably, and with the support of wonderful ladies in every aspect.
In the fall of 2015, while sitting in cold, rainy Moscow, I decided that I urgently needed a house in Italy. Italy and "urgency" are not compatible concepts. But I took the risk anyway, and my first search based on reviews led me to the SFR company. I submitted an inquiry and hoped for the best: if they called, they called. However, the call from the guys came the next morning, and within a week, I had a selection of houses (15-20) meeting my strict requirements and a ticket to Italy. Somehow, as a local representative, Anna-Svetlana managed to organize everything promptly and build an itinerary so that my friends and I managed to see all the houses and even relax—only God knows how. This charismatic Russian girl, well-versed in local customs, easily found common ground with everyone. I was even annoyed: it's such a serious matter, yet everything is so easy and simple. We chose a house ready for living (thanks to Anna-Svetlana again for understanding exactly what I needed and that I wouldn't want to deal with renovations after purchase). She quickly sorted through the maze of documents left by the previous owner. Looking back, I realize that the entire deal, assuming we signed the preliminary contract practically on Christmas Eve, could have taken more than six months. But the girls—Anna-Svetlana and Yulia—sped up everything, got everything sorted out. The transaction went smoothly. Only the seller was nervous (he also couldn't believe that everything could happen so quickly and easily). The bank! We opened a bank account in one day. During the same first visit. It was important that it was during the holidays, and we had a day for banking matters. Anna-Svetlana and I went to all the banks, pulled all the strings... Only professionals can love their job so much. Now the guys fully manage my house (and me too, thanks MAMA Sveta): finding and setting up staff, doing repairs, ordering furniture... in short, everything. And for this, I am especially grateful: I don't feel uncomfortable in a foreign country, there are no problems if something is needed, and I don't speak the language. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy Italy, rather than getting bogged down in everyday tasks. Thanks to you, I feel like the heroine of the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun," with the only difference being that this is not Tuscany, and I don't have to spend all my days dealing with staff, government structures, and workers. Everyone should mind their own business. And the girls definitely know what they're doing and do it with passion. Thank you, my dear ones. I'm always waiting for coffee.
Anna and Arkady
I would like to share my impressions of buying an apartment in Abruzzo. Previously, we had never even heard of this region. I never thought it would be possible to buy an apartment in Italy, just through a website and advertising from a company without any recommendations. The entire procedure of purchase from start to final deal was organized very professionally. I would like to separately note the fact that choosing an apartment was not a difficult task for us because the company's employees clearly understood our requirements and preferences and offered us a wide range of options, among which we made our choice. The preparation for the deal was carried out very quickly and professionally. And now we are happy owners of an apartment by the sea – it's even hard to believe. Once again, a huge thank you to Julia and Anna for their professionalism, responsiveness, and competence.
Olga and Valery
Everything that happened to us when I decided that we needed a house in Italy felt like a miracle. I stumbled upon a real estate aggregator website offering properties in different countries, browsed through it thoughtfully, selected a few houses, and wrote to several agencies. Within an hour, I received a call from SFR REALTY. After the very first conversation, I was convinced that we would only be choosing houses with them. What happened next not only justified my confidence but felt like a happy dream. Everything was calm, clear, friendly, and professional. Whether in the Moscow office or in Italy, the communication was not only constructive but also very pleasant. We went through the entire process from selection to purchase of the house and would gladly do it again if we had the employees of SFR REALTY with us again. They were always available and helpful at every stage. Of course, we also turned to SFR REALTY for the renovation of the house. The motto "safe, honest, reliable" perfectly reflects the quality of the agency's work, but you can add a few more epithets, and none will be superfluous. Delicately, attentively, soulfully. Magical!
Anastasia and Viktor
We want to express our sincere gratitude for realizing our dream. We bought a house in Abruzzo in November 2013.

From the moment we called SFR Realty agency to our personal meeting in the office, all doubts were dispelled. We received comprehensive consultation from a professional on the issues of selection, acquisition, documentation, and living in Italy during the selection and purchase process. They recommended hotels and a place where we could stay. In Italy, a wonderful Russian girl met us, took us to view the properties, and helped us open an account. Everything was organized smoothly and quickly. There was no need to wait for long anywhere. Thanks to them, we found OUR lovely house that meets all our requirements. When we came for the contract signing, everything was already prepared by the SFR Realty team, and all we had to do was sign the purchase agreement. We plan to turn to them for the house renovation as well.

The employees of SFR Realty company genuinely rejoice for their clients! This evokes the deepest respect! Thank you!
We took a long time to decide which agency to turn to for help in buying a house/apartment in Italy. We sent a couple of emails to different agencies, and the process of offers began. However, this agency was the most active, friendly, listened to all our wild ideas, found suitable options, and explained in detail what would be necessary during the purchase. If we didn't understand something the first time, they patiently explained it again and again.

In Italy, we were also greeted by a wonderful girl.

We are very grateful to the agency for everything. They were always in touch, always ready to help, and always accommodating.
We bought a house in Abruzzo in 2013 through the SFR agency. From the very beginning - from selecting real estate options, opening a bank account, legalizing the transaction, to cosmetic repairs of the house and plot, we worked only with the agency, they handled all the issues. True professionals. Thank you. I hope they will also help in organizing work to take care of the house in our absence. They agreed. We are very satisfied.
We had a wonderful time, renting a three-bedroom apartment in Montesilvano. We really liked both the apartment itself and the town of Montesilvano and the region. The beaches are sandy, wide, and long, the sea is very clean, and everything is green around. Everything is at hand - shops, restaurants. Convenient transportation - by train, I visited Bari, to the temple of St. Nicholas. Vacationing independently is radically different from staying in a hotel; you feel more free, you get to know those sides of Italian life that remain "off-screen" during organized vacations. We met many local residents and were pleasantly surprised by their warmth and hospitality. We didn't get bored during the vacation, as often happens, on the contrary, we are thinking of returning next year. Thank you!
Olga and Sergei
Recently, we bought a small apartment with a separate entrance in the town of San Buono. We are satisfied with the agency and the choice we made. The work was well organized, the information was exhaustive, and a big plus was that during the viewings, we were not only shown the properties but also introduced to the area and infrastructure. We have already spent a week in our new home, enjoying everything: the unhurried pace of life, delicious food, local wine, stunning nature, "flavorful" air, and friendly townspeople, whom we immediately met and even befriended with some. As a suggestion for improving the agency's work, we would like to have more complete and detailed information about property taxes. Thank you for your assistance in the purchase!
Thank you very much for the qualified assistance in resolving the issue of purchasing real estate. I would like to note the efficiency of the Russian and Italian offices, as well as the completeness of informational and documentary support. We acquired real estate in Abruzzo. We are satisfied.
Thank you for your assistance in organizing the viewing trip! We were in Abruzzo from September 8th to 15th. We enjoyed everything, even the rain in the last few days didn't bother us too much. We went to the mountains, sunbathed on the beach, strolled around the city and its surroundings, and bought many interesting and high-quality items at shopping centers. We also more or less determined our interests in terms of real estate. We are considering further steps in this direction. We plan to visit this region again during the ski season.
Большое спасибо всем сотрудникам московского и итальянского офисов за помощь в покупке! Особенно хочу выделить Юлию и Наталью - молодцы, девочки! Мы долго искали недорогой вариант в Центральной Италии, но ничего не подходило. Везде нам говорили, что с нашим бюджетом мы не сможем купить жилье, но мы решили поехать в Италию и посмотреть на месте. С помощью SFR Realty мы нашли дом в чудесном местечке. Нас тепло встретили, показали много достойных вариантов, прислушивались к нашим пожеланиям. Мы купили даже не квартиру, а дом, который оказался моей мечтой. Нам помогли оформить все документы быстро и безболезненно. Я искренне рекомендую всем пользоваться услугами этой компании и не верить тем, кто говорит, что дёшево и хорошо не бывает! Удачи всем клиентам и успехов SFR Realty! Так держать!
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